Industrial Cables

Advanced Digital Cable

Coax, Fire Alarm, Security Alarm, Card Access


Alpha Wire

Electronic Cables, Industrial


Belden Cable

Commercial, Industrial, Electronic Cables



Building Wire, MTW, PV Solar Wire


General Cable

SO, W, Medium Voltage Cable, Armored Cable



European Cable, Control, Tray, Hi-Temp

Houston Wire

Tray Cable, Armored, Hi-Temp


Lutze Cable

European Cable, Drive cable, Servo flex, Control


Okonite Cable

Medium Voltage Armored, Tray Cable


Olflex Lapp

European Cables, Hi Flex, High Temperature


Omni Cable

Tray Cable, Thermocouple, Armored, 15kV



Data Cables, Cat6, Fiber Optic

Priority Wire

Alum Wire, Tray Cable, Thermocouple cables


Service Wire

VFD Cables, Tray Cable, Armored, Cu Wire



VFD Cables, Tray Cable, Continuous Flex


TF Cable

Industrial & Mining Grade Cable W, G-GC, DLO


TPC Wire

Hi Flex Industrial Wire & Cable

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